The Octopus Chair.

If I am ever called upon to be the ruler of the dark underworld in the sea, this is the chair I will need. Or if I ever need to feel like I have some real authority and power, this could work too. I mean, just look at it. The Octopus Chair oozes a sense of grand, otherworldly superiority, and imagine if it were to swivel, with the tendrils swooping behind… I don’t think any of my requests would ever be denied. It’s simply too intimidating!

Maximo Riera is responsible for this brilliance, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for the next additions to his “Animal Chair Collection” including, the Lion, Rhino, Beetle, Whale, and Walrus. I’m already stoked for the Lion. Oh, man, I’ll need every single one of these in my house. Bring on the dinner parties!

Hope your week is going just dandy, and if not, only two days till Friday. 🙂


{found from the lovely Loose Lips tumblr, one of my absolute faves}

2 thoughts on “The Octopus Chair.”

  1. I'm obsessed with your commentary. It just adds to the photographs you post! I also love the blog you credited. You're simply making my day. Keep up the loveliness of your blog!

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