Just Some Pretty Rooms…

Happy weekend! Hope it’s everything you need after a week that seemed like it took five years to get by… mine was relatively painful, as you can tell. I am happy as can be though now that it’s behind me and I can start fresh! But anyways, here are three things I simply must have in my bedroom.
One: A charming coat rack.
Lately I’ve been absolutely smitten over the rooms where I see the clothes aren’t just behind a curtain or tucked away in a closet somewhere, but act as the perfectly elegant decorations to a perhaps already simple room. When a dainty dress is hanging above a door or a pair of heels are purposefully placed next to the bedside table it adds such a casual and natural femininity to the whole area. The same goes with a coat rack! A trench coat, perhaps a cardigan or two, a quirky umbrella, and of course some billowy sun hats (need to get on that…) all adding such a “lived-in” feel. Functional and irresistibly stylin’.
Two: A statement painting.
Just as I was saying earlier, a painting can be a window into the personality of whoever lives there. It can make a room go from, “Ooh, love the furniture…” to “Oh my god, I am in love with this room, I must buy it now, where is my cheque book.” (assuming you can buy single rooms on their own, of course…) Now although I may not want such a haunting young woman looming over me while I sleep, I can see the allure in its sort of foreboding, mysterious feel. It’s impossible to deny that she doesn’t leave a powerful impact on the room. Not to mention she fits in flawlessly with the color scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was built around her, in fact!
Three: Industrial organizing baskets.
Aah, I could spend an entire week in this white-washed, deviously inviting bedroom. A montage has just appeared before my eyes. Reading against the white wood walls snuggled up with the the softest little duvet and a nice, heavy book, waking up to the sun trickling in through the abundance of windows, closing the creamy curtains to write in my journal, having a girlish sleepover with a friend, giggling in our beds till the moon fills the room with a fairy-like glow… yes, i may have just retreated back to the mind set of eleven year old me but how could I resist. This bedroom reminds me of the long summer days where time is hidden away in the back of your mind and an entire day can pass by without using any electronic gadgets whatsoever. But anyways, back to the point and I’ll keep it short. Industrial baskets seem to be the most dapper and low key form of organization and would be juust right in my own bedroom.
{can’t seem to find the link for the last one… please let me know if you stumble across it!}

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