Statement Makers

“Bam. The room is complete,” paintings.
I don’t know about you, but I would say that in each of these rooms, the paintings were what initially intrigued me. Sure, the rooms would still be gorgeous in the sense of rich and appealing furniture, ever so carefully placed lighting, and various decorations lying about, but it’s the bold paintings with the personalities that made me really feel something. 
{images credited through clicking}

2 thoughts on “Statement Makers”

  1. I agree. So many people add the art work last but, as you've demonstrated, it makes far more sense (and heart) to find a piece of art that inspires you and build around it.Love your blog!!

  2. First, why thank you!! I'm just tickled pink that you like it.And exactly. I never really thought about it until today just how much it can influence each room and that if you find a painting you love, work with it! Don't give up on it!

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