Some Rooms I’d Love to Wake Up In

This is under mustard-yellow decor, and rightfully so! The yellow accents are so cheerful.

There is a very transcendent theme of white going on here… what can I say, these bedrooms are all so relaxing. Couldn’t resist. 
ps. Everyone should have a fireplace in their room. I mean, come on. Get with it everyone. 😉

2 thoughts on “Some Rooms I’d Love to Wake Up In”

  1. I would looove to wake up in any of those rooms 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment and my boy friend uses a Canon 7D when he shoots me. However, I use a Canon t2i when it's just random photos (like my recent post).

  2. I would loved too! Looking at those rooms, I can imagine a fresh new morning as I wake up and be at those gorgeously designed rooms. I so love white and those rooms were just so perfectly soothes with the white theme.

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