My Obsession with Eggs

I have an obsession with egg chairs. It’s difficult to come out and say that, phew. I feel like I’ve just had a load of bricks taken off my back. They’re just so wonderful. There’s that sense of comfort not only physically, but, as corny as it may sound, emotionally too. You simply settle into an egg chair and you know that this will be your hour or two of ultimate relaxation. A friend of mine has a hanging hammock in her bedroom. I need that as well. All my furniture will hang! Yippee! (sarcasmsarcasmsarcasm, but kind of true, maybe.) 
The one above is from Anthropologie. How am I not surprised. Their furniture can be like art.

L-o-v-e. This is so calming.


{Anthro Egg Chair, i don’t know where i picked up the second, but i do not claim to own this photo in any way!}

ps. i had to, it’s just so true.

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