Love Me Some Marilyn

When I think of Marilyn Monroe, even simply her name actually, she seems to capture the entire essence of what hollywood glamour was in the good ol’ days. Fame came with talent or sheer beauty… for example, you couldn’t just be famous because of having eight babies or having a baby when you’re a teenager. Sheesh. Marilyn embodied the ever so enchanting sex symbol, so it really is no wonder as to why so many artists feel inspired by merely the sight of her face. Her face, as exquisite and timeless as it is, ignites a feeling within everyone. When I see Marilyn, I see a beautiful tragedy.

Anyways, this has to be one of the most original Marilyn pieces I’ve seen. I mean, look at her swirling hair and ruby red lips… all in mosaic! It’s too much! Imagine what a statement it would make in a living room. Swoooooon. 

On the topic of Marilyn, I feel like this would be the perfect time to share my favorite pictures of her.

By the way, I’ve decided that the chandelier featured in Marilyn’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend will be the perfect touch to my foyer. It’s just so welcoming! And those ballet pink ball gowns in the beginning? Bridesmaid dresses! 


{Mosaic Marilyn, Marilyn One & Two, Marilyn Three, Marilyn Four & Five, and the Video}

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