A Wonderful Hidden Talent

What I would do for this desk chair, I swear my productivity would skyrocket simply out of how happy it makes me.

These are the most sensational chandeliers. Can’t you just picture them in a sleek, white space for that explosion of color?

Urban Outfitters has always been a core part of my wardrobe (at least 50%, shhh) and up until now I have been completely unaware of their dedication to the other spectrum in design, inside the home! Elegant, trendy, a little bit of whimsy here and there… everything you would have imagined considering the style of their clothing is present. So, of course, the temptation sets in again, which brings me to the ever constant question, “If you could choose one place to spend unlimited money for only a day… where would you go?” So after much consideration…

The Decisions
1. Urban Outfitters
2. ABC House & Home, NYC
3. Anthropologie

The FINAL Decisicion
ABC House & Home, NYC

Although you may have thought I would go with Urban Outfitters after this post, the memories of going to ABC House & Home a few years ago with my mum drifted back into focus. I honestly think I could construct a home fit for a family of faeries with the things you see inside there. There’s simply no turning back. Six floors of sheer beauty. I was in love.

Urban Outfitters Links
Neapolitan Waterfall Ruffle Duvet CoverCorner Ruffle Duvet CoverMustache Pillowcase SetPatchwork Chair-SkyGarden Ombre Floor CushionGypsy ChandelierDollhouse Chairs Jewelry StandBuddha Buddha Happiness LightLaboratory Flower Vases

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